Approach How We Can Help You

What’s in a name?

The story of the name, Cyentist relates to the scientific approach to the technical work we do. It is a play on the words, cyber and scientist. As a digital agency focused on all things web-based, we integrate our deep sales and marketing experience and our love of design to create the ultimate business tools for our clients.


Approach & Philosophy

Some of our earliest clients are in the healthcare industry and played an inspirational role in our focus on the development of our scientific approach to the work we do. Although we are not exclusively dedicated to a specific industry, clients in start-up tech firms, professional service firms and government see the value in our polished, highly researched, professionally planned and consistently executed business approach. We believe in the strength of being at the vortex of many industry practices because where one is weak, many are strong.

There are agencies that are “highly specialized” and industry focused that apply the same solution to every problem. We believe that they have a broken cookie cutter and this makes for messy work. We dial in on the heart of the issue and build true solutions to big problems. Our specialty is asking the right questions and measuring so that identifying the real problem becomes a possibility. Only then can a corresponding solution be discovered and implemented.

We embrace the opportunity to be a resource to those who are at the top of their industries.

Your brand identity, message and offering will ultimately tell a story. To help you tell it, we bring an inquisitive spirit, a curious approach and a philosophy of always looking for a better way.