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When your website launches, it begins to age and lose it’s potency, while your business (hopefully) goes on to evolve and improve. The solution to this disparity is to make sure you update your website regularly to reflect the current state of your business. Since this can’t happen automatically, many companies implement an internal DIY approach of some sort, but years later it is often apparent that everyone thought someone else was going to update the website. In the end, little is done to preserve the financial and time investments into a new website. Unfortunately, human nature often stands in the way of the best intentions of even the most experienced marketing professionals. For entrepreneurial companies without marketing staff, it can be even worse.

Cyentist Website Management is a premium marketing support service that can save you from yourself! For a small monthly fee, you gain a team of detail oriented experts who will care for your website and contact you for website updates if we haven’t received any requests in a while. Via a simple email-based ticketing system, not only will we handle your standard content changes and edits, we fully support your website ’s software, monitor uptime, take regular backups and even protect and secure your website against hacks, malware and other attacks.

A website is never “finished”. It is an ever-evolving creation that at some point gets replaced with a new design that ultimately ever-evolves. Your website, is ultimately a mirror reflecting the nature of your business, which also changes all the time.

Why do you need it?

If your top competitors are evolving constantly, shouldn’t you? Cyentist Website Management is the secret weapon that professionals hire to project refreshing newness in a marketplace of stagnation. Don’t just build another website, evolve one with your business.

Website Management Features

Cyentist Website Management services include, updates, support and protection for your website. We wanted to give Cyentist clients something that is hard to find: peace of mind. We are here for companies who value being able to keep working, knowing that their website is being completely managed for them.

Get Updates

Need something added, changed or deleted from your website? Add a page, change text and images, add a video, add a news update or blog post, change a form field, add phone numbers or a new location–whatever! We’ll do it for you!

Get Support

WordPress (now 26%+ of the web) is constantly improving and when updates to the core software become available, we upgrade your site for you. Plugins, too! We keep everything working on the latest version so you never have to worry. If something does go wrong, we will work on making it right, allowing you to keep working. We provide uptime monitoring and act as a liaison between you and your domain registrar and hosting provider to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Plus, we setup and manage Google Webmaster Tools, which provides data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.

Get Protection

Monthly malware scanning and spam removal prevent bad things from happening–things that you can’t see. We monitor your website to watch out for malicious activity by hackers and other nefarious characters who may be trying to harm your website or reputation. Typically you never find out about these types of attacks until a visitor discovers a problem or you receive notification of a search engine penalty. We work to prevent these things before they happen and if they do, we will remove malicious code and get your website back to peak performance.

A note on protecting your website from malicious hacks, malware and spam.

Our website protection service was created out of necessity when our own website was targeted by hackers who successfully injected spammy code into our, then, unprotected website. We assumed that just like so many other websites we’ve built for ourselves and others, that this simply wouldn’t happen to us. Then of course, it did. The first attack was a defacement of our homepage, where instead of the beautiful design you would typically see, there was a different home page appearing, with a message displayed in a foreign language. Needless to say, that is unacceptable and we worked to immediately remove the vandalism and further hardened our site against this type of attack.  Next, it happened to a client whose website we built a year prior. The spam on their website was quite typical, but just as irritating. A malicious code was injected into the website, which displayed an advertisement for a prescription drug. By the time the client discovered this, Google had already penalized their website and displayed a message under their search result that said “This site may be hacked.”  Not exactly confidence inspiring.  

Once this was brought to our attention, we assured the client that we’ve seen this before and offered them an early version of our Website Management services that provided removal of the spam and removal of the Google penalty, plus ongoing monitoring and protection.

The idea that your website is complete upon launch is a thing of the past.

As a result, while there have been additional attempted hacks on their website, none have been successful, but all have enabled us to harden their site against these attempts in the future.  Since implementing Cyentist Website Management services, this client’s website has remained spam free.

There are many types of attacks that are used to render websites useless and the idea that your website is complete upon launch is a thing of the past. One of the more troubling attacks that happen to small business websites that are incredibly effective, cheap and simple to carry out are called a DDoS attack.  This stands for Distributed Denial of Service.

What Is Covered

Update Coverage

Add/Edit Pages

Add/Edit Blog Posts

Add/Edit Sections

Add/Edit Menus

Add/Edit/Modify Page Types

Edit Design Theme Elements

Install/Setup Plugins

Add/Delete Users/Accounts

Support Coverage

Upgrade WordPress Version

Upgrade Plugins

Uptime Monitoring

Webmaster Tools Management

Domain Registrar Liaison

Hosting Provider Liaison


Protection Coverage

Malware Scanning

Spam Comment Removal

Removal Of Malicious Code

WordPress Admin Password Changes

WordPress Security Key Changes

Domain Registrar Password Changes

Hosting Password Changes

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