4 Steps To Getting Excited About Your Work Again

This is an excerpt from my HuffPost article, Finding Your Second Wind: How To End “Brand Drift” And Get Excited About Your Work Again.

Here’s How To Get Excited About Your Work Again

  1. Review your past and present client list for anything that makes you smile or feel good about the work. What made you the most money for the least effort? What gave you the best feeling before, during, and after the work was completed? This is the type of work you need to commit yourself to doing going forward.
  2. Create a plan for finding clients who fit the profile you’re now targeting.
  3. Spend all of your time and effort when working on servicing your current clients and finding new ones.
  4. Don’t deviate from the plan.

Revenue is the best medicine and as long as you’re going to focus on revenue, make sure what you’re doing in exchange is for the best clients for your business and that the work is profitable! You can do this. Get yourself unstuck by ending brand drift, getting clear on who you want to serve, and find a new client as soon as possible.

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