Open Letter To A Future Clean Water Drinker


Dear Future Clean Water Drinker,

As a boy, I lived in Flint, MI for a while. A few years ago, the area was hit with a problem that you experience daily: the water source became contaminated. Though it has not been fair or easy, water relief is being implemented there. I understand that is not the case in your village and perhaps you’ve never even had access to clean water, but I want to help you.

When the water crisis hit Flint, MI, I wanted a way to tie our work to a contribution towards clean water causes. Because I have access to clean water on demand, I believe I’m able to do something--even something small--to help solve the water crisis.

Cyentist is my digital marketing agency and we do all kinds of projects for professionals, brands, and start ups. Things like designing logos, building and updating websites, and running ad campaigns to generate leads for our clients. I decided that we would begin to donate to clean water causes every time we complete one of these projects.

We began small, by counting the number of projects we completed and then sent donations to charity: water. They show us where the donation goes. That transparency helps donors like me feel confident that their contribution is actually making a difference for people like you.

This year, Cyentist is celebrating 10 years in business and my vision for our contribution is 10x what it was when I started doing this. I want to create a way to fund an entire clean water project, even if we can’t internally do it ourselves. The cost is about $10,000.00 USD. I figure that my small business could definitely commit to 10% of the cost of a project in the next year--but we will try to do more. Keeping on this theme of 10, we put together a way to combine our contribution with 9 other organizations who want to partner on this project and donate at least $84 each per month for the next year.

charity: water makes it easy to do this with a team campaign. Each campaign goes on for 90 days, and we will run four during the next year with a goal of $2,500.00 each for a total of $10,000.00, enough to fund a clean water project.

We are calling this Cyentist Clean Water Network, and any organization that wants to get involved just needs to click the green button at the top of the campaign page that says “Join The Team” and they can take one of the spots.

I look forward to updating you with great news as soon as possible!

Warmest regards,

Sean Dillon

Founder/CEO, Cyentist