Clean Water



For lack of any other option, millions of people in disparate areas of the world drink from parasite and disease affected dirty water sources. They have no clean water source. Each day, people walk great distances--many exceeding three hours each way, just to provide enough water for their families. The next day, necessity dictates another walk to the water source. This same water often leads to illness and health problems. It is a generational lifestyle of basic survival with no hope of a future. The good news is, life-changing water solutions are coming to these affected areas. Hope for these people comes down to something as simple and abundant as a local supply of safe water.

On our worst day, we will never experience the pain of knowing the risk of getting sick from the only source of water we have. This is something we often do not think about because we are fortunate enough to always have safe water within reach.

My heart is for these people and the logistics are in place to drill wells, provide filtration systems, build pipeline systems, and more.

The systemic effect of the acquisition of this one resource literally changes lives and we are in a position to help, so we must. I wanted to create a way for my clients to join this effort with me, so here is my simple plan:

Cyentist makes investments in clean water initiatives:

When you complete The Cyentist Method™️

When your Minted By Cyentist™️ project is completed

When we complete a Cyentist Evolve™️ website support request

Each month, we count the number of completed items and make an investment in clean water for each item completed. Our investments will go to a range of clean water initiatives and charities and there is nothing you need to do other than become a client and use your services. This is our way of giving back and we wanted to share it with you.

Building a brand that stays up-to-date and relevant will better serve your market, and in doing well, you are doing good in the world. Win-win-win.

Thank you for your support!

Sean Dillon