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The Cyentist Method™

The Cyentist Method is your first step toward building a legendary brand. This dynamic one-on-one is a proven framework that identifies clear opportunities for success that set our clients apart from industry competitors. It is designed to position you in a category of one. Your personal drive, contribution, and philosophy can be leveraged to access a level of success you have yet to realize. We guide you in developing and communicating a legendary message that resonates with those in your optimal client profile.

The Cyentist Method Will Help You

  • Learn how to attract better clients and higher-quality referrals
  • Identify productivity issues in your business that currently waste time and money so that you can eliminate and replace them
  • Produce practical steps for a confident path forward
  • Always know what to do next so that rather than standing still or starting over, you can compound your gains
  • Walk away with insights and unique takeaways that you can implement immediately
  • The final deliverable of The Cyentist Method can take the shape of either a complete draft of your website content for your review and edits or complete draft of a custom marketing plan

The Experience Includes

  • Pre-call online form questionnaire
  • 90 Minute phone interview with a member of our team
  • A written summary of your answers to the above
  • A complete draft of your website content or marketing plan for your review and edits
  • Follow up consultation to review findings and recommendations for cultivating your legendary brand

Investment: $3,000

Cyentist Legends™

We make legends. That is, we go beyond building a website. We want your whole firm to carry a consistent and high-quality image. That’s why we deliver a clear brand message, firm logo, website design, and a custom package of marketing materials that positions your business for legendary success. Most of our clients launch with a plan for exactly what to do post-launch as well.

With your newly designed or revamped brand out in the world, we are confident you will become more productive, focusing on exactly the right clients and opportunities that fit. We advise and position you to deliver profitable, high-value work to your dream clients! This is Cyentist Legends. Imagine having a high-quality website and marketing materials you can be proud of, plus the confidence of a sales and marketing strategy that helps you go out and win. From here, it is up to you to activate your legendary status by putting in the work and making it happen.  

Cyentist Legends is carried out through a series of scheduled weekly calls. We deliver visuals and gain feedback throughout the process via screen sharing and email.

Cyentist Legends includes:

  • Final web copy and messaging
  • A firm logo in all formats
  • A responsive website design
  • Marketing kit
  • Business card designs
  • Email signature designs
  • Written sales strategy
  • Written marketing strategy

Investment $10,000+ 

Your program scope is customized to your needs and goals.

Cyentist Evolve™

In our post-code world of DIY CMS, etc., you can easily update your own website content. The question then becomes, should you?

We don’t think so. Being legendary requires a commitment to your craft. It requires leaving the safe harbor of being a generalist and becoming a specialist. It’s about being an expert. Any deviation is a distraction from your best work. So, outsource this. Seriously.

Cyentist Evolve™ is our monthly website update and support protocol. Member brands simply send us an email anytime a web-related need arises and typically experience satisfaction within 24 hours.

What is a need? It could be anything from content changes to the creation of new pages or website sections, posting to your blog or news feed, or tweeting out your recently published article. We all know that time is money and as a legend in your field, your time is best spent in your lane, doing profitable work for your dream clients, not making website updates. Trust that to our methodical experts who are dialed in and ready to serve you 24/7. Plus, for every completed request, we donate $1 to fund clean water projects around the globe.

Inevitably, you will require ongoing assistance with managing your website and external web assets. Having a team “on call” to manage your online presence helps you focus on your strengths and keeps you productive.

On call plus 1 request: $200/mo (additional requests billed hourly)

On call plus up to 10 requests: $1,000/mo (additional requests billed hourly)

On call plus up to 30 requests: $3,000/mo (additional requests billed hourly)

On call plus unlimited requests: $5,000/mo

The ability to stay focused is the new IQ.