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Need Clients?

We can help you attract more ideal clients.

Get a high-quality brand, a professional website, and a marketing program that generates legendary results.

Our Mission

We are here to be a force of productivity and to help make your business legendary. We believe our work goes beyond helping you grow your business--it helps your life. We bring confidence to confusion, hope to clutter, and clarity to a crowded market.

What is a legend? We define it as being known as a top expert in a very specific area of an industry. It is the story that precedes you. It is a worthwhile pursuit of advanced focus and specialization in your field, clarifying your vision, feeling the thrill of your craft, and deciding you will not be denied. Being a legend is being known for what you do. We’re here to help with that! We want to help you establish yourself as a category of one and build a business with one simple goal: become a legend.

The fact that we hired Cyentist twice is probably the best indication of the high regard we have for them and their work. I highly recommend them.
— Ellen R. Katkin, Director of Marketing | Gilbert, LLP
Cyentist offers a unique process and a powerful deliverable. They are smart, agile and great communicators. I’ve loved working with Sean and his team at my previous companies and will again.
— Linda Orton, CMO | Global Consulting Firm


Problem: Your website sounds just like everyone else. Nobody knows you're a legend because your message is the average of what your competitors are saying.

Solution: Get clear. Discover and promote a precise and desirable brand message. Align with clients who are searching right now for exactly what you provide.


Problem: You lack a carefully articulated marketing strategy that targets clients you actually want.

Solution: Be confident. Represent the results you bring! Build true followers and convert them into leads and prime opportunities for enjoyable and profitable work.


Problem: Selling isn't your "thing" and you'd much rather have clients come to you.

Solution: Get legendary. Sell what you typically give away for free. Develop a strong and reliable sales strategy that helps you retain value and predictably secures new business.


The Cyentist Method™

Intaking a new client is like breathing life into your law practice. It’s exciting and brag-worthy. It’s affirmation that you’ve still got it! We believe these opportunities can be engineered; predictably, measurably, and absolutely! We agree that you’re a legend. It's time to define the reasons why. That’s what The Cyentist Method is all about.