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Doing nothing about your website and marketing could be costing your business a fortune.

How many more customers could you be helping, if you could only stand out from the noise? Are prospects assuming they just can’t afford your products and services and not calling? Do potential clients clearly understand why they should hire you? How many of your website visitors end up working with someone else less qualified because you communicate the same message?

Each time a potential client encounters your brand is an opportunity.

Let’s maximize those opportunities.

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Working with Sean and the Cyentist team was an excellent investment. The branding and website development they came up with were first rate, but the best investment was by far the initial strategic planning. The Cyentist Method was extraordinarily helpful in refining my market messaging prior to any development. Even professional marketers need expert counsel, and Sean is mine!
— Tim Corcoran, Consultant,
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Why Cyentist?

Most professionals are confused about marketing so they avoid it or do it wrong. Our unique method for building a brand makes it simple to market, sell, and grow new business with confidence.

The Cyentist Method™ is a transformational exercise that will forever shift how you think, talk about, and achieve meaningful results in your business. More than that, it will elevate the quality of your referrals. Our innovative process dismantles outdated thinking and “follower brand” behavior. We then teach you a new mindset for how to brand, market, and sell your services with confidence. We work with you to uncover your best opportunities for success and coach you to explain your services clearly so you emerge as the brand your customers want to work with.

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We understand how confusing it can be to get marketing right and connect your brand with the people you want to reach. We care about how your brand is positioned and perceived.

The Cyentist Method™ was developed over the last 20 years by Sean Dillon, a Detroit native, turned New York City entrepreneur. He is trusted by professional firms, consultants, and entrepreneurial influencers. His strategic focus is building high-value brands and implementing long-term best practices for increasing new business.

The Cyentist team has developed an array of specialized services to complement The Cyentist Method™ and deliver comprehensive branding and marketing services for our boutique agency clients. Following the session we will provide a summary document complete with a list of our findings and recommendations for implementation. This custom plan will help you move forward in your business with new clarity and confidence.

Book a call with us today to find out if your business is a fit.

Questions before booking? Call Sean at 212.845.9910

The Cyentist Method™ helped significantly. The experience was top notch. Sean is very responsive and easy to work with. We are very happy with our brand and website and eager to show it off.
— C. Diego Guevara, Partner | Walsh Guevara LLP | New York, NY Law Firm
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Get Started Today!

Here’s How It Works

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Book a quick call with us to discuss what’s going on in your business


If it sounds like a good fit, sign up and get scheduled for The Cyentist Method™ workshop.

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We will follow up a few days later to present a complete summary of our findings and recommendations for building the brand, marketing, and website you need to accomplish your goals.

We will follow up a few days later to present a complete summary of our findings and recommendations for building the brand, marketing, and website you need to accomplish your goals.


Or call 212.845.9910


The Cyentist Method™

This two-hour brand discovery workshop is equal parts interview, brand strategy consult, and business coaching session.

We take a deep dive into your work life that unearths facts about your business that you may understand intuitively but have never communicated before.

Our curious approach leads you to tell a more compelling story about your brand that will begin to attract ideal clients to your business.

You will be guided every step of the way to zoom out and finally locate the underlying challenges in your branding and your business as we bring our focus to profitable, fresh ideas that will transform your business and make running it a thrill.

At the conclusion, we will present a homepage draft featuring your new brand messaging, a comprehensive document featuring a list of our findings and recommendations for building the brand, marketing plan, and website you need to accomplish your goals. Using this custom plan you will move forward in your business with new clarity. Take it with you, or apply it to Minted By Cyentist™, our unique brand build-out and implementation process.

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Let’s get started.

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The fact that we hired Cyentist twice is probably the best indication of the high regard we have for them and their work. I highly recommend them.
— Ellen R. Katkin, Director of Marketing | Gilbert, LLP | Washington, D.C. Law Firm
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Comprehensive Branding & Marketing

The Cyentist Method™ Is A Firm Foundation For These Services


Complete Brand Creation

Brand Style Guide

Logo & Responsive Website Design

Website Conversion Copywriting

Professional Marketing Materials


Web Maintenance

24/7 Help Desk Access

Website Maintenance

Website Support & Troubleshooting

1 Business Day Turnaround [or less!]

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Marketing Automation

Scheduled Monthly Call

Design, Copy, Content Creation

Custom Strategy & Campaign Setup

Marketing Automation Execution

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Search + Social Ads

Social Ads; Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Search Ads: Google, etc.

Awareness, Retargeting, Loyalty & Msgr.

Custom Audiences & All Ad Types



Wondering If We’re A Good Fit?

Call us at 212.845.9910 or

Cyentist offers a unique process and a powerful deliverable. They are smart, agile and great communicators. I’ve loved working with Sean and his team at my previous companies and will again.
— Linda Orton, CMO | Global Consulting Firm
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