cyentist is a brand consulting lab based in manhattan. we make legends.

Our lab has been built around serving 1-4 person professional service businesses that sell a high-value service. This means small employer companies or partnerships that are nimble and able to make quick decisions without the delays of community input. They also have at least $1M in annual revenue potential and understand the value of making a significant marketing investment for high potential ROI. We deliver exceptional integrated branding, selling, and marketing strategy along with execution. Our best clients have been those who recognize our expertise and trust us to lead them through this process. Cyentist focuses on making the greatest impact possible for our clients’ clients.

what is a legend?

We define it as being known as a top expert in a very specific area of an industry. It is the reputation and story that precedes you. It is standing apart. It is about winning. It is a worthwhile pursuit of advanced focus and specialization in your field of work. It is making a decision. It is clarifying your focus, feeling the thrill of your craft, and deciding you will not be denied.