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brand, market, and sell like legends

magnetize profitable dream clients to your brand, market like a pro, and sell confidently without giving away your value

The fact that we hired Cyentist twice is probably the best indication of the high regard we have for them and their work. I highly recommend them.
— Ellen R. Katkin, Director of Marketing | Gilbert, LLP
Cyentist offers a unique process and a powerful deliverable. They are smart, agile and great communicators. I’ve loved working with Sean and his team at my previous companies and will again.
— Linda Orton, CMO | Global Consulting Firm


Problem: You sound just like everyone else. Nobody knows you're a legend because your message is the average of what your competitors are saying.

Solution: Get clear. Discover and promote a precise and desirable brand message. Align with clients who are searching right now for exactly what you provide.


Problem: You lack a carefully articulated marketing strategy that targets clients you actually want.

Solution: Be confident. Represent the results you bring! Build true followers and convert them into leads and prime opportunities for enjoyable and profitable work.


Problem: Selling isn't your "thing" and you'd much rather have clients come to you.

Solution: Get legendary. Sell what you typically give away for free. Develop a strong and reliable sales strategy that helps you retain value and predictably secures new business.


the cyentific method™

Signing on a new client is like breathing life into your professional service business. It’s exciting and brag-worthy. It’s affirmation that you’ve still got it! We believe these opportunities can be engineered; predictably, measurably, and absolutely! We agree that you’re a legend. It's time to define the reasons why. That’s what The Cyentific Method™ is all about.